Combo Tap & Ballet

Can’t decide which pair of dance shoes you like to dance in? Try them both in this class. Introductory tap and ballet class using creative movement. Dancers can wear exercise or dance clothing with ballet and tap shoes. Shoes can be purchased/ordered at the studio the first week of classes.

This class will be called “Tiny Tappin” for the recital session.

Winter 2 Session-6 weeks (Starting week of Feb 18th)

April Session-3 weeks (Starting week of April 8th)

May Session-3 weeks (Starting week of May 13th)

June Session-3 weeks (Starting week of June 10th)

July Session- 3 weeks (Starting week of July 8th)

Costume week is the week of April 8th-12th! Wear your recital costume to class....Summer Camps are now online.....Sign up on our website!